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Academic Division

The Academic Division is part of the Unified Administrative Service (UAS) at the University of Cambridge. The Division supports the work of the General Board of the Faculties, the central University body which is responsible for the University’s educational and research strategies and controls the resources necessary for the maintenance of the highest academic standards.

The Division is responsible for managing various aspects of the University's academic administration, including a wide range of operational matters, as well as supporting the development of policy and strategy.

The staff of the Division work in a range of areas including admissions, examinations, student services, educational policy and quality assurance, international matters, planning and resource allocation, research administration and School, Faculty and Departmental administration.

Dr Michael Glover is the Academic Secretary and is head of the University’s Academic Division and secretary to the General Board. The Academic Secretary supports the Vice-Chancellor, the Registrary, the Pro-Vice-Chancellors and the Heads of School in the development and implementation of the University’s academic strategy, and also has a key role in ensuring consistency of processes and information across the University.